Construction Services

Preconstruction Services

Comprehensive Construction Specialties (CCS) offers preconstruction services that help customers make initial plans and decisions about their construction and design needs and assist our team throughout the design process.

Preconstruction services also

  • (1) save you time and money
  • (2) help us identify and resolve issues during the planning rather than the implementation stage
  • (3) streamline the entire process to provide you with a cost efficient and successful construction project.

Site & Building Construction

We use both office and field expertise to make our customers' visions and designs reality. We develop construction sites as well as build new and expand existing residential, commercial, hospitality, and religious buildings. Our comprehensive array of services includes providing project estimates, soliciting competitive bids for commodity-type materials and systems, and negotiating costs for special systems.

Interior Construction

This type of construction service focuses on building within the main building shell or remodeling existing spaces. Our knowledge of building shell construction enables us to make first-rate modifications to existing building systems. We are also skilled at minimizing disruptions to customers' operations and providing new interior spaces as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Restoration and Repair

CCS also specializes in renovating and restoring homes, hotels, and condominiums. We provide remodeling services that modernize buildings, allow for better use of buildings' square footage, and create more energy efficient buildings. Our restoration process can be as big or small as your needs require – from basic remodeling to complete renovation that includes tear outs and other related steps.

Our renovation team members are experts in the field. In fact, the team manager has a degree in architectural design and engineering technology. Our team's education and experience ensure that remodeling, repair, and restoration projects are structurally sound and aesthetically appealing.

In-House Construction Specialties

In addition to design and general contractor services, CCS provides an in-house EIFS contractor, a stucco contractor, a stone contractor, and an autoclaved aerated concrete block specialist. These talented professionals are ready to complete your project using the highest level of skills, products, and services.

Special Projects

Many projects defy categorization — but that does not mean that the need does not exist. Our problem-solving capabilities, innovative ideas, and ability to collaborate with clients enable us to successfully complete special projects. We also work with a select group of talented contractors and knowledgeable suppliers who are skilled at completing unique projects promptly and in a professional manner.