Design / Build services

Elements of Great Design

Design is – most often – the result of a thoughtful and measured process that considers the various constraints and opportunities associated with a project and transforms them into appropriate, creative solutions.

But, sometimes, design just happens. It is what makes a house a home or a city sidewalk the place to be. Design creates human interactions and experiences.

We are just as committed to our design services as we are to our construction services. Our goal is to integrate design solutions and sustainability principles to produce professional, functional, beautiful, and cost effective projects.

Exceptional Design Services

Design clarity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and evidence-based research distinguish our environmentally-sensitive design services from competitors. The steady growth of our design practice results from our ability to successfully collaborate with property owners, top engineers, and leading consultants in our region. Our designs reflect a fresh approach to architectural form-making and technical detailing aimed at realizing clients' highest aspirations for climate action and quality building.

Our friendly, experienced design team will coach you through our unique streamlined design/build process and highlight design and construction options that are compatible with your budget and schedule. We will thoroughly research the parameters of your project including site, code, and spatial requirements. We will then provide conceptual sketches, recommend products and materials, create a budget estimate, and progressively refine the solution until we arrive at a finished design.

Our complete package of design/build services includes

  • architectural design
  • interior design
  • engineering
  • design consultation
  • LEED certification
  • permit acquisition
  • estimating
  • and construction

We offer our clients competitively-priced, top-of-the-line design services that are delivered in a timely fashion.